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About us

About Danoras

Using our experience in manufacturing antiseptics and disinfectants for more than 20 years and first hand experiences in the trial, usage, and marketing of antiseptics and disinfectants in veterinary and medical fields in Africa has given us a unique vintage opportunities to come up with products that work and safe to use. Our products have been rated as best of its kind.
One of the founders of this company is Dr. Ralph O Daniel, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Our Mission

To produce cheap, safe, non-toxic, broad spectrum, efficacious antiseptics that prevent sickness for quality living, low healthcare’s cost and save lives.

Our Brand

According to International Journal Of Life Science, 2017, Vol. 3 (4): 593 – 598: “An ideal, disinfectant/antiseptics should have a broad antimicrobial spectrum, should be non-irritating, less toxic, less toxic, non corrosive and inexpensive”. ~ Wiley et Al. 2008.
For many centuries, not many antiseptics have met these requirements for an ideal disinfectant and antiseptics. These requirements particularly affected the use of antiseptics in its mandate of preventive medicine as lines of last defense against infection. While disinfectants are used on inanimate objects,they were still relevant in their mandate to prevent the spread of diseases. However, for the old adage that says “Prevention is better than cure” to become a reality, both the disinfectants and antiseptics have to be fully engaged. It is not the place of antibiotics to be used as prevention in the place of antiseptics for obvious reasons – bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics the way they can not develop resistance to antiseptics. Because of the paucity of ideal antiseptics, antibiotics are being used for prevention and first aid instead of antiseptics.

This Is Our Brand!

That is why our products are different from others and bring unique values to our customers: Our products rightly used prevent sickness, save tons of money in medical expenses, promote quality living, and safe lives. Our customers can expect results from the first time use of our products. For those of us that have used these products for decades, there has been no known adverse effect. Our clinical studies( attached below) collaborate with experiences of all our users all over the world. CASE STUDY: CPTC: STUDY #: C22-2184.
“ Antiseptic compounds are still active against bacterial strains isolated from surgical wound infection despite increasing antibiotic resistance”. ~ Giacometti. Al.2002

Our History

I found no job when I came to the US around the 2008 to 2012 recession. At that time, I was lucky to find a cleaning job with a cleaning company. I cleaned in the church and many popular restaurants in and around Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Part of my job was to clean restrooms. In the female restrooms are boxes that contain bloody menstrual pads. I knew that women do menses and use menstrual pads, but I had never seen the reality of the risk of infection women face during menstrual periods like I did when I saw collections of women’s bloody pads in female restrooms. Some of the pads were so bloody that in my medical mind, I concluded that without adequate hygiene and some protection like broadspectrum, nontoxic, non-corrosive antiseptics, there is no way women can escape from infection over time. The problem was that there were no known antiseptics like that.

No wonder around 50-60 % of women will experience a Urinary Tract Infections(UTI) in their lifetime (about 25%of all infections ). An additional 8 % of women may have asymptomatic bacteriuria. The estimated number of UTIs per person per year is 0.5 (50%) in young females, e.g. E.coli, usually from faeces. Typically, the urinary tract is sterile, but bacteria may rise from the perianal region, possibly leading to UTI. Generally, recurrence usually occurs within three months of initial infection, and 80% of Recurrent UTIs (RUTIs) are reinfection.

Secondly, vaginal yeast infections are prevalent in women. It is estimated that 75% of women will have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime, which is itchy and uncomfortable. The hormone estrogen helps bacteria called lactobacilli to grow. These bacteria kill harmful organisms in the vagina and keep women healthy.

Reference: Web MD

However, lactobacilli can be overwhelmed for any reason, especially during menstrual. The purpose of Danoras Menstrual Guard is to complement lactobacilli by reducing the number of harmful organisms that get to them, thus making them more effective in protecting women.
That is where our past and professional experience came in. I made up my mind that we could do something to help. That gave birth to Danoras Menstrual Guard Ointment/Cream plus to serve as additional protection for women during their menstrual period against bacterial and fungal infections and to protect against genital rashes and infections from using feminine products. It can also help women’s genitalia heal and return to normal after childbirth.

Product Info

All our products are unique and can not be duplicated! They are:
  • Broadspectrum: antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Nontoxic
  • Noncorrosive
  • Efficacious
  • Rich Ingredients.