A phenolic coefficient of 10 on Streptococcus pyrogen(maximum effect), the pus, and pain-causing bacteria in the wound make Danoras Wound Guard Ointment the most potent open-wound topical dressing. Danoras Wound Guard Ointment promotes quick and painless wound healing.

Note: “According to Giacometti et, Al( 2002), ÔÇťAntiseptic compounds are still active against bacterial strains isolated from surgical wound infection despite increasing antibiotic resistance”.

The table below summarizes how Danoras Wound Guard Ointment compares to Antibiotics

Polymyxin BInactiveActiveInactiveInactiveInactiveInactive
Triple Antibiotics (Bacitracin, Neomycin, Polymyxin B)ActiveActiveInactiveInactiveInactiveInactive
Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel ( + Phenol) ActiveActiveActiveActiveActiveActive

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