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Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel

Helps clear minor bacterial, or fungal Skin Infections in any part of the body such as eczema, Psoriasis, athlete’s foot, jock itch, minor cuts, burns, scrapes, genital itches, etc. 

Women can apply DRAG under make-up without being noticed.

Preoperative aseptic incision site skin preparation, and Postoperative incision site or area around incision site dressing with DRAG ensure quick and perfect healing safeguarding patients from potential infections during and after surgical procedures.

DRAG is an analgesic (other antiseptics are not), it prevents after-surgery pains experienced by patients as the anesthetic wears off leading to a peaceful recovery process. This minimizes the need for a heavy dose of painkillers during the recovery process.

Danoras Rubbing  Antiseptic Gel can be used as Surgical hand antisepsis. It should be noted that it is non-alcohol based, highly moisturizing, slower drying, and has a longer-lasting effect.

Pro. Tips

Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is highly valuable in Surgical Operations to prevent infections in a few different ways.

Preoperative Skin Preparation

Before surgery, the skin at the incision site is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. This helps to remove any bacteria that are present on the skin and reduce the risk of infection.

Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel can be applied to the incision site to further remove any bacteria left on the incision site.

Topical antibiotic/antiseptic prophylaxis:

Application of Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel on the incision site or area around the incision site after surgery. This helps to prevent infection by killing any bacteria that may have been introduced during the surgery.

The use of antiseptics or antibiotics helps reduce the risk of surgical site infection(SSI).

SSI is a serious complication of surgery that can lead to prolonged hospitalization, increased risk of death, and significant financial costs.

Danoras Antiseptics are formulated antiseptics that combine the best, most efficacious, broad-spectrum, less toxic antiseptics for specific purposes.

Here is a table summarizing the different ways Danoras Rubbing antiseptic Gel can be used  in Surgery:

Preoperative skin preparationThe skin at the incision site is cleansed with an antiseptic solution. Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is applied to the incision site to further reinforce the aseptic preparation.Chlorhexidine gluconate, or Povidone-iodine are used for cleaning.  Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is applied last to ensure aseptic preparation. The use of Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel after cleaning the skin with antiseptic solution has a synergistic effect to safeguard patients from potential infection.
Topical Antibiotic/ Antiseptic prophylaxis:Aid for Healing by Primary intention or Secondary intention.Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is applied to the incision site,or around the incision site after surgery to further prevent the risk of infection. Daily dressing with Danoras Antiseptic  Rubbing Gel  around the incision site or on the incision site prevents the possibility of infection. Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel,Others include Bacitracin, neomycin, polymyxin B

Advantages of Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel over Antibiotics

  • None of them has the broad spectrum( gram positive and gram negative ) antibacterial activities like Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel. 
  • Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is non-toxic (non-irritating) to intact skin, wounds, burns, or inflamed skin. At worst it might have a mild effect on sensitive skin.
  • Analgesic effect, Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel has a sedative effect on wounds, burns, and skin infections that if used 2-3 times daily on affected places, you will not experience any pain until the healing is complete. 
  • Healing is faster when applied 2-3 times in a day
  • Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is antifungal. Danoras antiseptics are effective against most fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, vaginal yeast, etc.
  • Most antiseptics including phenol are antiviral. They are active against some pathogenic viruses. 
  • Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel is active against bacterial spores.

Why healing with Danoras antiseptics is faster: Medical professionals know that bacterial infections are usually complicated by fungi infections and fungal infections are usually complicated by bacterial infections. They are called opportunistic infections. That is why a product that is both antibacterial and antifungal will always perform better than a product that is antibacterial or antifungal alone on any skin infection or wound.

When you purchase Danoras antiseptics you get the value of 2-3 items in one item for the price of one. Better than that we make Danoras antiseptics cheaper because healthcare is not a luxury and we want to make Danoras antiseptics to be in the forefront of prevention alongside vaccination, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, etc.

Bacitracin, Neomycin, and Polymyxin B are not sporicidal. Spores are the dormant form of bacteria that can survive harsh conditions. They are very resistant to antibiotics, and most antibiotics are not effective against them. The sporicidal activity of phenol is due to its ability to denature proteins. When phenol comes into contact with proteins, it disrupts their structure and function. This can lead to the death of the bacteria.

The table below summarizes the activities of Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel compared to popular Topical Antibiotics. Antibiotics are great for a targeted treatment after diagnosis(sensitivity test) usually by Doctors while Antiseptics are used for a variety of treatments or first aid by Non-Doctors because of their broad spectrum applications.

Polymyxin BInactiveActiveInactiveInactiveInactiveInactive
Triple Antibiotics (Bacitracin, Neomycin, Polymyxin B)ActiveActiveInactiveInactiveInactiveInactive
Danoras Rubbing Antiseptic Gel ( + Phenol). ActiveActiveActiveActiveActiveActive

The table above emphasizes the importance of antiseptics in Disease Prevention compared to Antibiotics. Antibiotics are effective only on bacteria, and not fungi, or viruses. Antibiotics are great for targeted treatment, usually after laboratory tests and diagnosis. Antiseptics are broad spectrum and are used by non – healthcare – professionals (the public) for general disease prevention (public health) purposes.  Bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics; bacterial resistance to antiseptics has not been proven.

Active against Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and sporesActive against bacteria only
Used as first aid by non-professionals to prevent diseases, infections, or stop spread of diseases. With antiseptics, there is no escape for any microbe. Mainly used for treatment after laboratory tests or diagnosis.
Bacterial resistance is not commonBacteria develop resistance to prolonged or frequent use.

Our aim is not to discourage the use of antibiotics but to reinforce them, to preserve them for effective treatment for a long time to come. And to make an educative judgment on which one to use when the need arises.

However, we want to encourage the use of antiseptics because they are the key to good health, quality life, long life, and lower healthcare costs. The more we know how to use antiseptics; the more diseases we prevent; the fewer drugs we will need; and the more money we save: Assuming that we have been using disinfectant correctly; we do vaccinations as needed; we maintain good hygiene; and a good diet.