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Danoras Pandemic Gel

This product can save people many bad days with respiratory discomfort. Apply with a cotton bud or second finger to the left and right inner corners of the left and right nostrils respectively. This is a product that is needed once or twice weekly as needed. Almost everyone feels some respiratory discomfort many times a week.

Regular use of Danoras Pandemic Gel with mask, or off mask by medical personnel working in the wards or nursing homes, or where there are, or visit many patients further protects from the possibility of infections by inhalation.

Quick Relief For Catarrh, Sorethroat, Flu, and Covid

Respiratory infections are the most common type of infections in humans. Every time we take a breath, we draw microbes into our respiratory tract. Our defense system prevents most of them from becoming established depending on the strength of our immune system. However, a few of them colonize either the upper or lower respiratory tract resulting in sore throat, sneezing, phlegm, cough, COVID, flu, pneumonia, etc. By using Pandemic Gel as first aid whenever you experience any of these respiratory discomforts, you can stop these infections within hours to 2 days.

If you have cold, nasal congestion, sore throat, first signs of covid, or flu. Our body always lets us know if something is wrong almost immediately. The symptom you experience is trying to tell you something is wrong.   Apply a small quantity of gel on your second fingertip or cotton bud and apply it to the inner left and right side of your nostrils, two to three times a day. Relief is within hours to 2 days depending on severity. If you experience any allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in this product stop use immediately. It is not known to have any notable side effects.

How does It work?

Most respiratory infections respond to the application of medication to the nostrils than other routes of medication. The reason might be that most of the etiological agents or causative agents multiply in the moist mucus environment of the nostrils. If the multiplication can be cut off from the nostrils, the body can quickly fight off the infection and as a result quickly recover. Most respiratory infections respond to broadspectrum antiseptics like Danoras Pandemic Gel as you breathe in and out,  microorganisms mix with the antiseptic vapor and get killed or weakened which allows the body to overcome them.